Richard Jefferson Wedding Scandal, Kesha Ni'cole Nichols Jilted at Altar

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Richard Jefferson had a $2 million wedding planned with former Nets dancer, and now former fiance, Kesha Ni'cole Nichols last weekend. Tons of people, plenty of paparazzi and celebrities galore were going to swarm to the wedding. It was going to be a grand affair, for sure.

But we found out today, according to the NY Post, that Jefferson called the dogs off. On Friday. And apparently didn't really tell anyone.

Yes, it is, in fact, extremely awkward.

"He called about two hours before the wedding. It was nuts," said one Jefferson pal.

He never showed up at the hotel, but "all his boys were there," the friend said. "He gave his best friend the Black Amex [credit card] for the night."

Well, I think it's pretty obvious who made out the best here: Jefferson lost a really attractive girl and spent a ton of money on a wedding that didn't happen, Nichols got publicly burnt (like toast, playa!), but all Jefferson's of boys got to party on his Black Amex (which, apropos of nothing, is WAY more baller than the crummy Visa Black card). Advantage, friends of Richard Jefferson.

Of course, Nichols doesn't seem that perturbed by the whole thing, at least according to a "Nichols family insider" who told the Post that "She just wants to keep this as quiet as possible and move on. She's doing just fine."

Right. Of course she is. Her famous fiance ditched her just mere hours before her wedding, national news outlets are talking about it, and now she's single again. Juuuuuust fine. (That coincidentally, is the same answer I get whenever I ask jobless friends how things are going.) But aside from the unlikelihood that she is doing "fine," it seems worthwhile to point out that this kind of makes Jefferson a bit of a jerk-store, no?

I mean, I'm all for "following your heart" and "not getting married because you're freaking out about the whole thing and OHMYGOD this all just happened to fast" and whatnot, but come on, guy. Hours before the wedding? And you didn't call your friends? That's just perpetuating all kinds of stereotypes about dudes that we don't need.

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