Bastille Day 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In France Bastille Day is celebrated as a national holiday - with joyous cries of "Viva la France!" to mark the storming of the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789.

The historic people's revolt was the first step to establishing a republican government, wildly cheered by French commoners who claimed an historic first in France's long royal history.

Today, July 14 remains a great excuse to plaster the walls with French travel posters, serve up great food, learn at least a few French travel phrases, sing a few verses of the French national anthem La Marseillase midi file La Marseillaise - and break out the French champagne!

On the Web, learn more about the history of Bastille Day, life in France today, along with related facts & pictures, up-to-date recipes and party ideas for celebrating Bastille Day at home - and more on how the day is celebrated at 2009 Bastille Day events, parties & celebrations in France and around the world...

How to Celebrate Bastille Day - If you need some ideas for le 14 juillet celebrations, this how to is exactly what you're looking for. Champagne, trips to Paris on the cheap, your local French restaurant for dinner, or wearing tricolour clothes - and a beret to match - are only some of the fine ideas you'll find here, with links to more.

La Belle Cuisine - Bastille Day Recipes - A full page of recipes to prepare on le jour de la prise de la Bastille includes traditional sauces, appetizers, meats, fish, breads, desserts... just about anything you'll need to serve up an authentic French meal.

Food News & Events - Bastille Day - Special report from the BBC with a current snapshot of the country's cuisine and French food scene in London, with a guide to regional French cookery, open air markets.

Mai, Qui! Have a Magnifique Bastille Day! - A great recipe menu with complete ingredients & instructions for making homemade French baquettes, croissants, crêpes, french bread, french onion soup, Crème Fraiche Chicken, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Beef Bourguignon and may we suggest finishing off with a French chocolate mousse cake. Viva la France, alright...

Cook, Eat, Share - Bastille Day - The site is billed as a "facebook" for home and professional chefs. The themed collection of French recipes from Sweet Apple Crepes to Professional Chef Jeremy Cheng's Mon Gateau Au Chocolat will help solve the problem of what to serve at your celebration. While you're there check out the rest of the offerings. Great concept for a recipe sharing site.

The 14th of July - The official Web site of the Office of the French President - Site officiel de la présidence de la République Française - with history, facts, and pictures, plus complete lyrics to The Marseillaise in French & English.

Bastille Day - Information on current festivities, with pictures and related links, plus a good overview of the history of the day and the events leading up to it, from Wikipedia.

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