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Monday, July 13, 2009

There seems to be a little confusion over the photos and pictures that are appearing of Arturo Gatti's wife, Amanda Rodrigues Gatti.

As we know Amanda Rodrigues Gatti is being held by Brazilian police on suspicion of being involved in the death of her husband, Arturo Gatti, over the weekend.

That picture to the left is of an Amanda Rodrigues, to be sure, and is taken from her Facebook page which can be found here. However, at the risk of annoying my colleague, the Celebrity Examiner, I do wonder whether that is in fact a picture of the Amanda Rodrigues that everyone is looking for.

For, you see, there are some 215 results on Facebook for "Amanda Rodrigues" and so how can we be sure that this is the right Ms. Rodrigues: the Amanda Rodrigues Gatti picture that is of interest?

A pretty Portuguese/Brazilian looking woman with the right name perhaps isn't quite enough. It could of course be the Amanda we're looking for, but a little more proof would be useful. (If readers can find proof on that Facebook page then do let us all know.)

On the right we have what is definitely a picture of Amanda Rondrigues Gatti, certainly the widow or ex-wife (however you'd like to put it) of Arturo Gatti. Or, if we're going to maintain our stance of some skepticism, the lady that the Brazilian police are holding as Arturo Gatti's wife, if we're going to be completely precise.

Now there is indeed some similarity between the two: both are pretty, young, dark and long haired and both look (at least to this tutored eye, your reporter has spent some time in Iberia) as if they have Portuguese and or Brazilian backgrounds.

But this reporter is not wholly convinced that they are in fact the same person: indeed, would welcome your opinions.

We have two photographs of people with the name Amanda Rodrigues. That much we know. However, only one of the photographs is definitely identified as Amanda Rodrigues Gatti, Arturo Gatti's wife. The question is, do you think the other picture, the one to the top left, is also of the same Amanda Rodrigues?



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