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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There are certain religions believe that the world we life is nearly getting over its life time. There for human race in grate danger of survival. According to most of the calculations it would be some where around year 2012 it can be happening. But most of the humans did not agreed with it and when this scientific research would take place and figure out there would be some chance of world’s end now they are really scared of this reality and getting ready to face it.

This movie 2012 (2009) was based on it and it was a wonderful piece of movie making as far as the topic was concern. Global cataclysm was the main crisis shown in the movie and it was out standing thinking from the directors and screen writers. Because of the successive story movie was getting more discussions all around the globe too. Who else can save their life over a huge wave as tsunami it was unbelievable until people got suffered from recent disaster of tsunami. 2012 (2009) movie was directed to see the reality behind our globe and there will be a day for us to really feel what we see in the movie.

It can be so painful than to day. 2012 (2009) was a direction of Roland Emmerich. In this movie he tries to discover the world beyond our imaginations and it was more adventures journey for any scientific disaster movie watcher. Lot of things can be change in minutes and other way many can loose their life. Some would believe that global worming does making the end of the world and it was not fair some. But in day to day life now we can really feel that some thing was going wrong for humans and it have to be stop. The big question is where to find It and how it can be solve.

How ever in this movie 2012 it more focus on the natural disasters and so lovely and lively this movie was make. Some of the calculations of scientist agreed with religious believe and it was a rather rare movie experience for all. Been alone in a dead world was not all that easy. Living is not all that easy too. Production budget of $200 million used for movie it was a huge task and very well achieved too. Lot of encouragement provided by the producers and this movie was so well compiled with the previous issues on end of the world.

This movie was cast with John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton and Oliver Platt. Though this movie was more on scientic manner it does provide a good entertainment for every fan. Visual effects in the movie was adding more color to the movie. For that Sony Pictures Imageworks been hired. Doomsday event is what every one looks for and it was a fine movie. All these religions and scientist was together and tries to save the world we life. Any one can see this movie and it was a family based fine science faction thriller.

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